Monday, March 24, 2014

CQJP2014 My square for March

Here is my square for March.  I follow Mary Corbet on Facebook and love seeing her work.  Some of my seams are the result of seeing her beautiful stitching.  Especially, her work on her alphabet letters

some lazy daisy flowers and french knots

Below is a seam treatment made using cretan stitch, 
lazy daisy stitches, cast on stitch (pink flowers) and beads. 

 this seam treatment below consists of scalloped buttonhole chain stitch by 
laying down chain stitches (here in blue) and then doing 
a buttonhole stitch (in light purple) on one side of the chain stitch.

below is a chain stitch in 3 strands of yellow that has been 
whipped with 2 strands of yellow floss that has 
been tacked down with one strand of green.

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