Monday, March 24, 2014

CQJP2014 My square for March

Here is my square for March.  I follow Mary Corbet on Facebook and love seeing her work.  Some of my seams are the result of seeing her beautiful stitching.  Especially, her work on her alphabet letters

some lazy daisy flowers and french knots

Below is a seam treatment made using cretan stitch, 
lazy daisy stitches, cast on stitch (pink flowers) and beads. 

 this seam treatment below consists of scalloped buttonhole chain stitch by 
laying down chain stitches (here in blue) and then doing 
a buttonhole stitch (in light purple) on one side of the chain stitch.

below is a chain stitch in 3 strands of yellow that has been 
whipped with 2 strands of yellow floss that has 
been tacked down with one strand of green.

Monday, March 3, 2014

February's Square - CQJP2014

Here is my square for February for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2014.  Since it is February I thought I would do a heart to celebrate Valentine's Day.  February was a busy month for me and I was not able to finish my square, but here is what I managed to do.  I hope to add a little more embellishment in the future. I use DMC thread.

Below is a rose bud vine made using a double featherstitch, 
accented with lazy daisy stitches that are outlined with a fly stitch.

Below is a herringbone stitch anchored with straight stitch 
and accented with lazy daisy stitches.

 For this seam treatment below I wanted to mimic the fabric and 
decided to make bullion roses.  These roses have a double layer 
of bullion roses (using a single thread of DMC). 
 Leaves are made using a Fishbone stitch.

This is made using a straight stitch accented with French knots. 
 I used a lighter color for the French Knots, 
other wise this stitch could have been done in one thread color by doing a pistol stitch.

thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 13, 2014


January's Block.

mostly used one strand of DMC floss.  
Silk thread used for turquoise fantasy swirl in middle panel 
and lazy daisy stitches below it

here are some closeups:
Herringbone, lazy daisy, french knots

buttonhole, pistol stitch, beads

pink and yellow seam treatment: lazy daisy (pink) + fly stitch (yellow)
swirly motif: stem stitch, beads
fantasy flowers : stem stitch, lazy daisy stitch, french knots

pistol stitch fantasy flowers with french knots in middle (yellow)
bullion roses and lazy daisy leaves
cast on stitch roses (lavender)
french knots
rounded seam: fly stitch with stars (straight stitch) and lazy daisy loops

Thursday, November 7, 2013

* Pinterest findings for future use*

heart from Barbara Digiovanni's blog

flower spray from Mustrilaegas

butterflies from

cool dragonfly from urban threads

swirly bird from Milkcoffee etsy

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have decided to join the CrazyQuilt Journal Project 2014

I am nervously excited!!

I need to think about project ideas.  What do I want to end up with?  Just a bunch of pretty squares that will end up in a box somewhere in my house?  Or do I want something in the end that can be displayed?  A small wall hanging?  A medium size quilt for display on my couch.

Hmmmmm, I need to do some thinking! :)

What do I want to learn this year? More stitches?  Do I want to practice just a few stitches each month and thus really get some good experience with each?  Or should I have no boundries?  I have a feeling it will be a little of each.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teal Aqua Turquoise Round Robin
~ PJ's block ~
added the peacock and seam treatment to it's left.  I enjoyed making this peacock and learned a lot.

here is a closeup

I used metalic thread, regular DMC thread, and seed beads for this project.  
I started by drawing the bird with chalk, then outlining the shape using a stem stitch.  For the feathers, I added a row of dark green French knots, with a row of metalic white french knots, and a seed bead.
The "hair" along the stem of the feather was made with straight stitch using a metalic rayon type thread.